Raj Development Corporation focuses on opportunities in the central business districts and  top tier cities in both developed and emerging markets with strong fundamentals, as well as more remote locals with links to metropolitan engines of growth and functional demand dynamics. With significant experience in the United States, India, and Eastern Europe, RDC is actively pursuing opportunities through which it can apply its capabilities to penetrate new markets.

As a firm dedicated to a disciplined approach to capital allocation, RDC looks forward to leveraging its strength to take advantage of the opportunities unlocked by the creative destruction which defines free markets. To increase its optionality for pathways to growth, the company will, for the first time in its history, consider offering its development and financial modeling expertise to partners that share a similar vision of how to create long term value. Projects that fit this model in the South Indian State of Karnataka, and in Mexico are currently under consideration. 


RDC drives incremental performance of ongoing operations by taking a hands-on role during all phases of an investment. During development, our marketing and operations experts steer concept development and design to maximize profit potential. As projects come to market, those teams plus our asset managers stay deeply involved to drive results.  For its operations across the globe, RDC’s working pattern model allows it to attract capable professionals with local expertise, allowing for the efficient harmonization of its global standards to a wide variety of local situations. 

Furthermore, a lean operational model bolstered by the consolidation of back office, accounting, IT and marketing capabilities across projects allows for low overheads, while assuring that these critical tasks are still executed to the highest standard.  RDC has the expertise and experience to make more out of less across a range of processes, including site development, capital deployment, and operational execution. 


The goal orientation of all current projects, future developments and potential partnership shall be the continual creation of long term real value to unlock sustainable returns. 

As a company with a solid freely held asset base, wide ranging expertise, and a deep network of capabilities across the range of its operations, RDC has the luxury of choice when determining when and how to engage projects or potential partnerships. So while the company will be continuing with its tradition of innovation in 2020 and beyond, the strength of its principles will continue to be the ultimate decision making guide.


Over the next 12 to 24 months, the focus of U.S. operations will be the completion of Klein Orchard, and the infrastructure required to develop the remainder of the company's holdings in MUD 180 . As well as  the design, development, and construction of the Net Zero Energy Carbon Neutral Townhomes at Palm Street is of equal priority, as the expertise derived from the execution of this mode of development is a key to the company's future growth.  RDC’s projects in Croatia are on a  short term hold to allow the exogenous shock of the COVID-19 global pandemic to fully propagate through the market palace; a temporary downward trend in immobile asset valuations may allow for the consolidation of additional property at attractive valuations. 

The company's holdings in India are at various stages of development, and will continue down a development pathway that is appropriate for each project - as the economies of South Asia enter recession RDC’s strong balance sheet and deep experience in the market may unlock opportunities to turnaround indebted or stalled projects and these opportunities will be evaluated as they become apparent. 


In the proceeding 3 to 5 years, RDC will be primed to complete the development of all properties held in MUD 180, bring many of its projects in India to market, and expand its leisure and hospitality development experience through the realization of its current portfolio in Croatia, as all of this is done the company is committed to work towards propagating best practices for green building across its global portfolio.  All of these medium term plans will be continually evaluated to respond to market conditions and thus allowing for maximum value realization; as RDC grows it will always maintain the nimbleness and flexibility which are cornerstones to its long term success.  Additionally, RDC looks forward to offering its unique expertise to potential clients that share its value orientation, as well as supporting any of the development needs that may arise from its affiliate company Xceed BioPharma.


Over the long term, RDC is well positioned for the generational transfer of leadership so that the next three decades of growth can be supported by its strong financial position, global experience, and harmonization of innovation with first principles.  The firm’s leadership are dedicated to the continued development of its current portfolio, as well as the acquisition of new properties and the opening of new markets using the same buy and hold model which has helped to create its debt free global portfolio. In concert with the continued refinement of this proven growth model, RDC will also move to offering its services, experience and network to a select group of partners so that the firm may also grow its boutique development consultancy model.  By maintaining and continually refining it lean operating model, consistently improving its development practices, and astutely evaluating the value proposition of all projects, as an owner or a partner, RDC looks forward to a future in which its unique experience can be applied across a range of markets to create long term value, address the needs of all stakeholders, build communities, and ultimately leave the world a better place.  

If this is a vision you or your firm share, and you are in need of RDC’s services or believe you have a project that fits our development model please get in touch.


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