A business driven solely by the drive to make money at all cost will inevitably fail; organizations with a more holistic approach will not necessarily be sustainable in the long term.  It is in the crucible of free enterprise that firms succeed or stumble, and the genesis of Raj Development Corporation’s approach is the strike a balance between the individual competitive drive to outperform and the cooperative drive to create benefits for as many stakeholders as possible.

RDC marries the drive to be the best, with need to do the best -- and the consistent acknowledgment of this distinction is the factor that continues to drive the entrepreneurial vigor which underlies the growth of the firm.

The RDC philosophy is simple

  • Quality and Integrity without Compromise
  • Creating long term value is what unlocks a sustainable return on investment
  • Every challenge has a solution that can be found by understanding the underlying problem
  • Empowering and motivating working partners amplifies the strength of the organization 
  • Operating with an ethical outlook that benefits all stakeholders manifests a resilient enterprise

It is from the consistent application of these principles across the range of projects in which the company has been involved that has allowed RDC to build a strong global enterprise which is primed for long term success.


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