Nestled in the bucolic environs of the Istraian peninsula, this 18-hectare property is located in and around the village of Bankovci. A rich cultural history and gastronomical scene complement the natural beauty of this location; it has the advantage of being only 20 minutes from the beautiful old harbor of Porec, whilst allowing for a level of seclusion and tranquility often missing in our modern world. With its rolling hills, old growth olive orchards, and prime viticultural tracts the property will be carefully developed as working fully organic agricultural concern and an ecologically sound resort property.


  • Istrian Agritourism


  • Village of Bankovci


  • Agrotourism and Resort


  • Multiple Villas, Common Hall, Three Shared Lodging Buildings


  • 178,500 Sq Meters (Built Area 17,439 Sq. Mt.)


  • Property Consolidated, Design Phase Commenced


Stand alone villas built to a hundred year standard will be complemented by shared indoor and outdoor spaces, with all amenities sited and built with a focus on achieving an ecologically sustainable resort community that fits in seamlessly with its surrounding environment. To take advantage of the agricultural riches in the area a culinary space will be mated to a biodynamic working farm, along with an olive press and a wine making space. As this project is brought to fruition RDC will be able to tap into and realize the value of its leadership’s deep experience in vinology and hospitality to the benefit of the development. The firm looks forward to providing spaces and platforms for the dissemination and preservation of the rich culinary and agricultural history of Istria.

Accommodation will be available to purchase, or for long & short term rental, and staff will be on hand to provide a full range of services. Tapping into its experience in asset management, RDC will also offer all purchasers the option to monetize their property when not in residence, via a secure and hassle free fully managed experience. Finally, the creation of  a Common Hall encircled by three shared lodging buildings will be present to allow for a full range of events, provide an onsite point of distribution of the properties agricultural products, and provide the space that will catalyze the building of true community.

As RDC refines its sustainable development model  via other projects in its global portfolio, the firm looks forward to localizing those best practices in the development of these beautiful and delicate environments. Furthermore, the firm looks forward to tapping the expertise that has been developed in the EU around sustainable building and development principles to further enhance its knowledge based, and allow for the cross pollination of this expertise across its global development portfolio.


Equidistant from Porec and Opatiji, the village of Bankovici is in a prime location to explore the whole of Isitra, the largest peninsula in Croatia. Just down the road is the historic walled town of Motovun, set 227 meters up a hill with a gorgeous view of the Mirna River Valley. The setting is astonishingly gorgeous and a large part of its appeal is in the lost-in-time views over the verdant valley, with the town rising above it like something from a fairy tale. The damp, dark Motovun Forest at its base also has a mythical quality, especially as it contains hidden treasure in the form of Istria's famous truffles.

The beauty of the location is equaled only by the bounty that the climate of the surroundings will offer for the culinary and agricultural activities that will be cornerstones of the experience of this property.


Autochthonous to the area is Malvasia Istriana grape, which was spread around the Mediterranean by the Venetians in the 13th century. Merchants of the Italian city-state realized 800 years ago, and their Roman forbearers understood long before, that this peninsula in the Adriatic is a truly special space where the bounty of the coasts, fields, forests, and farms must be experienced to be believed. As the global culinary cognoscenti become more aware of this fact, RDC is excited to participate in development that will help share this wealth with the world.


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